Princeton Tec Helix Basecamp Lantern Black/Red


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Highest quality LED available, the Ultrabright LED is bright and efficient Smooth white, wide-beam light emitted by Ultrabright LEDs is ideal for close to mid-range tasks Ultrabright LEDs are usually grouped together to offer a more powerful light source Princeton Tec has developed proprietary ultralight heatsinks to protect LED products from overheating By using heatsinks, Princeton Tec lights can burn at extreme brightness levels for long periods of time Heatsink may be incorporated internally or externally depending on the product and its application A collimator gathers all available light from an LED in the form of scattered rays and re-emits the light as parallel rays, making it more optically efficient than a standard reflector Highest quality LED available from Lumileds, Princeton Tec?s Maxbright LED is extremely bright and efficient This single LED emits a smooth, powerful, white light useful for a wide range of tasks Princeton Tec uses collimators or reflectors with the Maxbright LED depending upon the application Multiple settings on many of our products give you the flexibility to adjust your light?s brightness and/or beam width to illuminate greater distances or to conserve battery power, depending on your needs Helix Basecamp packs the latest LEDs, while the collapsible globe keeps the light soft on your eyes This lantern?s collapsible legs raise the lantern up to ensure it lights up a wide area, while multiple hanging options add versatility Power dial controls dimmable white and red LEDs in the same intuitive manner as old-school gas lanterns

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Weight 1.2901 lbs
Dimensions 5.96 x 5.96 x 7.06 in

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